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Hello, and welcome to My Authentic Nature!

I have been attempting to get back into blogging, however, I’ve been wanting to become more serious with my blog, and my content as well. It’s taken me months of trial and error to really figure out what I wanted to talk about, as well as my theme, and all of the creative aspects of my blog.

My Background

Growing up, I was always the shy one who was never really comfortable with speaking, unless spoken to. I was definitely not the assertive and extrovert person I am today. For as long as I could remember, I have always been the awkward, quiet girl in the corner, which lead me to turn to the internet.

Whenever I got bored of studying all the time, and never really having anywhere to go, I would just turn on the computer and surf the inter-web and find certain things that appealed to me. I started to respond on forums, write novels and stories, join role playing sites, etc. Completely unaware of it, I was starting to become more comfortable behind my computer screen, living my life via online.

Long story short, the internet was my first real friend, the place where I surprisingly found myself, the haven which I always turned to whenever I was feeling happy, sad, mad, etc.

About My Authentic Nature

After researching and exploring multiple blogging platforms, I finally decided that WordPress was the best option for me. WordPress allowed me to be more creative with the look of my blog compared to Blogger, and allowed me to focus more on my written content, in comparison to my Tumblr.

At first, I thought I wanted to do a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog, thinking that it was more in my element and allowed me to keep my content options open. However, for some reason, it was harder for me to maintain all three equally. For a while I maintained a personal blog, but it ended up just being full of only the sad and frustrated parts of my life, along with personal photos without any explanation of any sorts, and I felt somewhat disconnected with it, even though it was a personal blog.

My Authentic Nature deviates slightly from what I was doing previously, however, it’s more of a combination of what I was doing previously. Now, with the name being somewhat explanatory, I plan for this blog to be a lifestyle blog where I will share my life experiences as well as provide advice and content that is more relatable to you.

Of course, I will be open to your requests and ideas, and there will be multiple instances where I will reach out to you for inspiration.

Until Next Time xoxo




  1. Hi there!

    Reading this today and then going on to look over the rest of your posts and content has inspired me so much! I have only just started a blog – my first one EVER and I felt like maybe I’d gone down the wrong path with choosing to focus on lifestyle, because most sites say to focus on one topic in particular, but after reading your blog I feel like it is actually possible if I can make it interesting and relatable enough for the readers.
    I am loving your blog and will definitely be keeping up to date with it!


    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad I could help love! And, I can see why sites say to focus on one topic, but sometimes, just one topic can be restricting, so you do you girl, talk about what you want to talk about because it’s your blog. Its your world ♥

      I’m glad that you love it, but please let me know if you ever have suggestions for anything!

      xoxo Joslyn

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