5 Tips for Shopping: Transitioning Between Looks Without Going Broke

Happy Wednesday Loves! So, if I haven't mentioned it yet, I am recently going through the process of transitioning between looks. I am transitioning between my high school "girl next door" look, to something more professional, and mature, with a lot of neutral colors. So, that means a lot, a lot of shopping! I also... Continue Reading →


Banana Republic Fall Fashion Haul

From my last post, it is fairly apparent that I love fall. So, in preparation, I may have bought a few new items... okay, maybe a lot. But, who could blame me?! Layering and sweaters and scarves -- just everything! My justification for getting new fall items is that I am transitioning between looks, and... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Fall Fashion Pieces

Hello, Autumn! It's good to have you back! However, Texas, get with the program and give us some nice fall weather please! Fall is my favorite time of the year, and during this time of preparation, I always get so excited and anxious for fall, especially with fall fashion collections revealing themselves to the public eye.... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: American Ultra

This past Labor Day weekend, I went to Studio Movie Grill with the family and the boyfriend. We decided to watch American Ultra. (You can watch the trailer here) This is what me and my boyfriend thought about the movie. In my opinion,  this movie was pretty funny, and it made me giggle and laugh... Continue Reading →

**Author’s Note**

Hello You~ So this is just a quick memo to let you know which day's I'll be posting. After much thought and deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that I will: Post twice a week New posts on Wednesday, and Saturday!! Hopefully by setting a set schedule, I will be able to upload more... Continue Reading →

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