Product Review: Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream


Like many, I suffer from dark circles and bags; however, ever since I started college, they’re more apparent now than ever. I’ve been doing research and was looking around for a brightening and skin tightening cream. However, I was confused between bags and puffy eyes. With this confusion apparent, I purchased Origins’ Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream and this is what I think:

Before I start talking about how this cream worked out for me, I would just like to mention that this product is more on the pricier side. This cream was $30 for only 0.5 oz.; but no worries, this product will not run out on you!

On the first day of using this product, I was surprised at its creamy consistency. The cream is more on the watery side of the spectrum, and it seems like a little goes a long way. I then applied the cream to my under eye area with no makeup or concealer on top. While applying the cream, I noticed that it had a cooling and soothing sensation that really helped remove the tired and sleepy feeling from my eyes. It took a few seconds for the product to completely absorb into my skin, but once it did, I noticed that the cream left a pearlescent and light reflective effect. The formula also has a pale orange tint, which helps reduce the appearance of dark circles.

IMG_2974 edit

For the first week of using this product, I didn’t see a lot of changes, however, I kept applying it to the same area, every day before leaving for school.

If you don’t know already, I work part-time at a retail clothing store, so during the days I have to work, I prefer to have full coverage makeup versus my minimal everyday makeup routine for school. When I first used the Ginzing Eye Cream with my foundation, concealer, and powder, I didn’t allow the eye cream to completely absorb into my skin before applying all of my full coverage products on top. This then caused my concealer and foundation to shift and slide around the under eye area.

The second time I used Origins’ Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream, I allowed the cream to fully absorb into my skin, and this helped tremendously. My makeup didn’t shift and slide, like when I previously used this product.

During the first month of trying out this product, there was one night were I stayed up late watching chick flicks, thus causing me to cry late at night. And if you are like me, you dread crying at night because you end up waking to extremely puffy and swollen eyes, which takes forever to return back to normal. However, after I applied this eye cream, the puffiness and swelling decreased greatly in half the time it usually does. The swelling was practically gone after 25 minutes of applying Origins’ Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream.

Overall, I like this product; however, I have naturally dark under eyes, which means I need something with a stronger formula to really help mask it. Regardless, when i use this product, I do look more awake than when I don’t use it. I do really like the sensation this cream provides me in the morning, and I like how it reduces the swelling and puffiness of my eyes after a night of watching sad movies, allergies, etc.

If you have light to moderate dark circles, I highly recommend this product because it will more than likely work better for you than it did for me.

This review is not sponsored.

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