Product Review: Maybelline’s Creamy Mattes

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I am a complete sucker for a good nude lipstick. There are so many different variations of “nude”, however, because of my skin type, those colors are limited to only a hand few. And with my lip dilemma, the selection is reduced further. I was really desperate to find a good nude lipstick, so I ventured onto YouTube and found a handful of Youtubers with similar skin tones as myself, and went from there! Maybelline’s Clay Crush from the Creamy Mattes Collection interested me the most, so i decided to try it out! Here is what I think about Maybelline’s Creamy Mattes in Clay Crush:

I was able to find this beauty at my nearest drug store for $4.

When I first bought this product, I was skeptical about how it would work with my lips. Like in my previous posts, I’ve mentioned that the skin on my lips are somewhat difficult because of how little moisture they retain. Before purchasing this color in Maybelline’s Creamy Mattes collection,  I had been using Vibrant Mandarin from their Vivids collection, and it made my lips peel after a few hours of applying.

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I was in need of a matte nude lipstick, because I’ve come to prefer mattes over glossy recently, especially for the fall and winter seasons. In order to find the right nude tint I should go for, and which brands and colors to consider, I did some research and found some Youtubers who have roughly the same skin-tone as me to help visualize what shades of lipstick work best for me. The Youtuber who I found most useful, for me, was Changmakeup (her videos are in Vietnamese, however, she does have English subtitles).

The first time I tried out Maybelline’s Creamy Mattes in Clay Crush, I instantly fell in love! The formula for this collection, is creamy and smooth, allowing me to apply it evenly and smoothly.

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Clay Crush’s tone is more of an earthy red nude, which is absolutely perfect for the fall and winter seasons! It’s dark enough for people to notice it against my yellow undertones, but bright enough for me to wear it with lighter fall colors without clashing.

This lipstick is highly pigmented, and guess what — it doesn’t dry out my lips!! Yes, I did have to apply chapstick periodically during the day to keep my lips supple; however, there was no cracking, or peeling!

Overall, Maybelline’s Clay Crush, from their Creamy Mattes collection, is one of my favorite lip products ever! If you ever catch me at school, or working at my part-time job at a retail store, you will see me wearing this lipstick! Will most definitely be investing in other shades from this collection!!

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