Stocking Stuffers 2015 || A Holiday Giveaway

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Image by Ales Krivec (


I have always wanted to host a giveaway, and attempted to before the school year started, however, I had to cancel it on my part because of lack of preparation and planning. But, it’s okay, I’m making it right this time around!!

Now, the rules are simple:

{ R U L E S } 

  1. Send me your wish list either by DM on Tiwtter or Tumblr, or comment on my Instagram giveaway picture
  2. Your list may only contain up to 5 items in order from your most wanted to your least wanted
  3. EACH ITEM CANNOT EXCEED $70 (a sistah is still in college)
  4. To earn a max of 4 entries, you must follow me on: Twitter, Instagram, my blog/ Bloglovin, and Tumblr (**A/N: Please include your usernames with your wish list so I can find you faster **)
  5. Giveaway will CLOSE and the winner will be drawn at random on DECEMBER 15th

If you are the winner, I will attempt to get all 5 items and use them as your stocking stuffers!! May the odds be ever in your favor, and happy holidays!

#myauthnature #stockingstuffers15

Until Next Time xoxo 




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