How to Manage Being Apart


Hello Loves!

Due to my untimeliness, and procrastination, I have fallen off schedule (again). Right now, I am at the mercy of my work schedule, so I have yet to adjust to the seasonal changes of summer! But have no fear, I have a butt load of things planned out for you guys which are currently in the works.

Today’s blog post is about being apart from your significant other for some time due to family vacations, work, life, etc.  Continue reading


What I’m Excited for This Summer!

Hey Loves!

I just wanted to take the time to let you guys in on my plans for this summer! This summer I plan to be banking blogs and YouTube videos: this means I’m going to be working really hard so when the next semester comes around, I won’t miss a beat when it comes to my post schedule!

This summer I plan to vlog more, which means I’m going to attempt to be active on my YouTube channel as well, which will be hard because I tend to forget to schedule in editing time. In June I will be going to California for a family reunion, and to just explore, so get excited for that! I will attempt another travel guide, and will work hard to make my vlogs the best that they can be.

I already have some DIY projects, and lookbook projects, and other fun stuff in the works as well, so get ready for those! I also plan to try out for my school’s FSA dance group once the fall semester starts, which means I need to be practicing, which means – more dance classes, and more work outs! I am currently building up my confidence and learning how to loosen up, and not be exact, which is hard for me since I come from a contemporary and ballet background, but am trying out for a hip-hop team.

Remember that I love taking your requests, so if you have any types of videos or blog posts you want me to do, feel free to leave comments, and message me on any social media platform!

I’m super excited for this summer, and I hope you guys are too! 

Until Next Time xoxo 


S U M M E R . N O T E #1

Hello Beautiful!

I felt obligated to take the time to apologize, again, for being completely absent this past month. As most of you may know, I just completed my first year of college, and I was really stressed out. All I could think about was studying and doing well my first year.

Regardless, that’s no excuse to completely leave you guys hanging. But, no worries – as i mentioned on Twitter – I have a ton of projects planned out, and a lot of ideas to the point where I feel like I will implode if I don’t share them with you guys!

As always, if you ever have requests, feel free to let me know in the comments, or on any of my social media platforms. Expect to see me soon~

Until Next Time xoxo