ScentBird Review

Happy Tuesday Loves!

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Scentbird is an innovative company which has optimized the use of perfume and cologne throughout the day. If you have ever bought a fragrance bottle, or even a bottle of body spray, you are aware of how fragile, and bulky the packaging is for some of them — making it difficult to carry it with you on a daily basis. To address this problem, Scentbird has made a traveling case (similar to that of a retractable kabuki brush) which allows you to easily stash your favorite perfume or cologne in your purse, backpack, car, gym bag, etc.  Continue reading


Back To School Tag 2016

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Image by Poodar Chu

Hello loves~

So sorry for this week’s hiatus! I decided to take a break this week, rest up, and take care of my body and health before school starts. During this small break, I have come up with a lot of mini projects, and ideas, so get excited! I am already ahead by two weeks! *happy dance*

Since school starts on Monday for me, I thought I would do a fun back to school post as my last post of the summer.  Continue reading

~ Happy 1st Birthday ~

Wow! Has it already been a year?! I was just putting together some drafts – so when the school year starts, I’ll already be two steps ahead – but then the yellow notification bubble caught my attention! Why is time suddenly flying by so quickly — does this mean I’m getting old?!

I would like to thank you all for your love and support for this past year: I know I haven’t been the best when it came to being consistent, and my content lacked a lot. But, I really do appreciate each and every one of you.

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Summer Sun vs Freezing Office || Outfit Ideas

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Image by Scott Webb

Wanna know how those in blazers, and monkey suits, survive the blistering summer heat? Ever since I’ve  started working in the retail industry, this is the most common question during the summer season. Many clients ask about cool, and thin clothing for their family vacation, or getaway; however, majority of my customers are those who have to endure the sweltering heat outside, AND the shivering chill inside.

Here are my go-to outfits, as well as my tips and tricks, for versatile business casual looks in the summer~ Continue reading

Meet Meg & Simply Different~ || #FeatureFriday


Founded in 2010, ‘Simply Different’ was once known locally as ‘a little piece of heaven’ based in Coleshill, in Birmingham. After the loss of her father, Cara closed the shop to gain the time she needed for healing. Her daughter, Megan then restarted the magic, letting Simply Different live on, which then grew to the little online world of wonder that is today. 

The shop is filled with gifts and treasures for the Mind, Body & Soul sourced from all over the world, from handmade jewelry, to healing crystals, & bohemian gifts for the home. Simply Different is the page you visit when your heart needs healing love, your soul needs some light and your mind needs a little magic. The shop was created with loving intentions, and with the hope to promote ‘embracing difference’ in every customer. 

Each order is personally handmade, handpicked and gift wrapped with all the glitter, ribbon and packaging your heart could want. 

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My First Year Experience || COLLEGE EDITION

Hello loves~ I hope you’re doing well!

I know I have been gone for a while, and I am so sorry for that — again, work calls, therefore I must attend (even though sometimes I’m very reluctant to do so). In today’s blog post, I am going to be sharing with you guys my experience during my first year of school, highlighting some topics which I think are important for those who are starting in the fall, and for the upcoming graduating class of 2017!

I know I rambled a lot in this video, but hopefully you guys found some parts of it helpful. Always remember that if you have a question, or a request, for me — please, ask away!

Until Next Time xoxo