Formula X: XCEL + Delete All Review


This post is way past its due date, however, I wanted to share this product with y’all regardless! Thanks to influenster, I was able to try out Formula X’s XCEL kit along with their Delete All nail polish remover; and to be completely honest — I love it so much. If you are looking for a easy, at home, professional, do it yourself nail polish, Formula X is definitely for you. 

I honestly cannot express how much I love this brand, and their products. On average, my nails lasted me about a week, and I was barely scraping by two weeks. However, with FormulaX, my nails endured almost four weeks!

In four easy steps, I was able to get my nails done in the comfort of my own home without compromising quality. This This kit provides me with a cleanser, a primer, a nail color, and a shine top coat.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 8.25.59 PM.png

For starters, its simple and minimalistic design provides a comfortable grip, and allows you to easily stack and store each bottle. Another cool feature of this brand’s packaging is the fact that the top of the bottle is actually a cap for the traditional brush handle, which I find to be refreshing and more contemporary. This allows the brand to increase its aesthetic presentation without compromising its practicality and functionality.

[ 1. C L E AN S E ]

This cleaning formula is light, and helps clean the body of your nail while leaving a satisfying cooling affect. This formula is also dries matte, and has a similar consistency as water, therefore a little goes a long way.

[ 2. P R I M E ]

Similar to traditional base coats, this nail primer goes a long way in moderation with its thick consistency, and semi shine finish.

[ 3. C O L O R ]

This is probably the second most important step out of this entire kit, and the main reason why I fell in love with FomulaX. The original color I received from inluenster was TGIF, however, due to my insensitive post officers, I was not able to salvage this bottle after my first try. But, thanks to my nearest Sephora, or ULTA, I was able to get a new color — Exquisite. Their nail polishes are phenomenal in terms of color, pigment, and durability. Plus, a second coat is not necessary. During my first test, I had a couple of nails which only had this step brushed on. The result? It lasted about just as long as the ones with all four steps, give or take a couple of days.

[ 4. S H I N E ]

Step 4 is by far the most important step because this step is what gives your nails the gel polish salon look. Its formula is very thick, which helps smooth out fine lines, and provides you with an amazing gloss. This layer also provides a protective layer for your nails. Within five days, I somehow broke my nail, but the break didn’t run and ruin the rest of my nails, which was amazing~

[ D E L E T E . A L L ]

This last piece is not a part of the kit, however, that does not diminish neither its importance or its value. The Delete All nail polish removal is by far one of the most revolutionary products in the market. This removal process is one I’ve never seen before, and its just so impressive. Delete All allows for easy nail polish removal, regardless of how dark, sparkly, or pigmented your polish. Its packaging allows you to dip each finger in a designated hole, which is fitted, within a sponge that’s saturated in acetone. Allow your fingers to soak for a few seconds, and once you remove them, your nails will be polish, glitter, glue, etc. free.

Regardless of all of these steps to have the full finishing product, the formulas of each step dry quickly, reducing the time it takes for you to complete your DIY mani pedi. What helps to make this process efficient is the fact that it does not require a lot of product or effort to  complete steps 1-4 flawlessly.

Granted, FormulaX is not considered cheap in comparison to drug store brands, or other beloved nail brands, such as Essie. At your nearest Sephora, or ULTA, this Gel-Like set is retailed at $32.00 USD, and each bottle of nail color is on average retailed at $10.50 USD. However, I can vouch that it is worth the small investment.

Overall FormulaX has wowed me in more ways than one, and I am an avid fan. I think their colors are so fun, and range from all angles of the color spectrum. Within their nail colors, they have smaller categories of semi-gloss, gel, matte, and metallic finishes, which provides you with a plethora of options.

Until Next Time 

x x Joslyn Pham


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