5 Fashion Hacks to Survive the Texas Chill

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Image by Alisa Anton

Although Texas is still uncooperative and going through a warm spell, it is never too early to prepare for winter. This season will take you by surprise, regardless of if you are new to the state, or if you were raised here. Winters are brutal, and more so here in Denton than anywhere else in the DFW area, as it can be roughly ten degrees colder… plus wind chill. Now is the time to invest in some winter pieces, before it is too late.

Here are five fashion hacks to endure this winter season without compromising your style:

1. Layering is Key At a young age, your parents may have engrained this first hack into your being; however, they were not wrong. The best way to handle frigid winds outside, and warm classrooms is to layer your clothes. You should invest in a couple long sleeve basics that can also complement your sweaters. You can easily make your favorite sweater into a turtle neck buy purchasing basic long sleeves to layer with. In some cases, you may need to layer a camisole, a long sleeve, and a sweater – depending on your tolerance to the cold. Overall, it is better to be over prepared than risking your health and wellness by being unprepared.

2. Tights are Encouraged For you to maintain your love for denim, without freezing, is to wear tights underneath. This has been my most prolonged hack to survive the Texas Chill, and more recently I have been using Urban Outfitter’s fleece lined tights, but they are a little on the see-through side. Even the most basic pair of tights buried in your sock drawer can sufficiently help insulate more heat while facing the harsh winter conditions. You could even wear tights under your sweats, dress pants, track pants, etc. I encourage you to try this hack because it is an easy way to fight the cold.

3. Fuzzy Socks are a Must 

If UGGs are not your staple piece for the winter, a way to maintain warmth and comfort is to invest in some fuzzy socks. You can easily pair them with your favorite sneakers, or newly found booties. I prefer to purchase my pairs at Target because they provide cheap novelty pairs for $1. Toes still cold? You could layer your fuzzy socks with your tights, or even another pair of socks. It is important that you keep your extremities, especially your fingers and toes, warm during the winter, because they are more susceptible to hypothermia. Your fingers and toes are the farthest from your heart, so your blood is not circulating as effectively to those areas when frigid.

4. Invest in Smart Touch Gloves These days, if we don’t have our phones on our persons, we feel out of place and lost. Instead of sacrificing your hands and fingers for a text, or a selfie expressing how cold it is, invest in some smart touch gloves. This technology is no secret, but not every winter glove has these small receptors that help you navigate your smart phones, or the in-dash screen of your car, without compromising your hands. You can easily order you a pair on Amazon, or find some at your nearest grocery or department store.

5.Puffer Jackets are a Classic Although trench coats are gorgeous staple pieces, they can be a bit bulky for the average college student. It is likely that classrooms will be ablaze, and it can be a struggle to lug around a heavy wool coat. A smart solution is to invest in a puffer jacket. These are great additions to any wardrobe because they’re light weight and flexible, but also very effective with insulating your body heat. Depending on your tolerance to the cold, even the thinnest puffer jackets can be sufficient. These jackets also come in various colors, thicknesses, and lengths – so you can easily find one that matches your needs.

I encourage you to start preparing for winter because it is coming faster than you think. Artic blasts from Canada are never pleasant, but that doesn’t mean you should trade off your style for comfort and warmth. Instead of fighting with mother nature, you can use these five tips to help you survive, and look good while doing it. Personally, I have used these hacks ever since I was a freshman. Now that I am a senior, I am more than happy to share my tips and tricks to help underclassmen endure some challenges that come with being a university student.

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**As written on HerCampus.com/UNT**

With Love, Joslyn


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