5 Tips to Survive Spring in Texas

** As written on Her Campus UNT **

Unlike most parts of the country, spring is a very unpredictable time for us in the deep south. Siri and Alexa may tell you one thing, then you get to your destination and it’s either too hot, too cold, or too wet. For us university students, this inconsistency can set a negative, or uncomfortable, tone to our day.

Here are 5 tips for surviving spring in Texas.

  1. Always have an umbrella: I feel that getting unexpectedly wet is the worse out of all the extremes that could possibly happen. Throughout the years, my weather app has become more accurate, but there are still moments where it has been completely wrong. Therefore, I highly recommend that you always carry an umbrella with you. For most backpacks, there are two side pockets, so you can easily just slip it in there. If there is a dry spell, I would still suggest that you keep your umbrella in your car, in case you arrive on campus, and ominous clouds are overhead. You can also keep rain boots, and extra socks, in your car for those sporadic April showers.  
  2. Carry allergy medicine: I’m not sure if I’ve met someone who does not have hay fever, or any type of allergies, but whoever you are – you’re one lucky duck. For the rest of the world, our lives depend on antihistamine medications, or else we will be slaves to our runny nose, watery eyes and other symptoms. To help, I recommend that you always carry a small travel bottle of allergy medications. This is just in case you forget to take it in the morning, need an extra boost throughout the day or helping a friend who didn’t read this article, and forgot to bring backup medicine. You can find small travel bottles of Advil at your nearest drug store or supermarket, and dump out its contents and fill the bottle up with whatever you need.  
  3. Skin-care is a must: Like winter, spring can bring some crazy changes to your skin. You’re sweating more, so your pores are getting clogged; pollen is in the air, so your skin is getting more inflamed; it’s warm outside, so your skin is a little oilier. To prevent pimples and sun damage, I highly recommend wearing light makeup, and lots of sunscreen. To freshen up your skin, carrying cotton balls soaked with toner can help clean and purify without stripping the skin. You should also carry sunscreen with you to re-apply throughout the day since sweat and everyday activities can wear it out. My favorite sunscreen now is from COSRX, and it has SPF 50 plus aloe. It’s very gentle and light, so it’s perfect for everyday use, and reapplication. You can purchase this product on Amazon!  
  4. Layering is still key: Between the hot and humid atmosphere, and the chilling air vents in class, it’s hard to maintain a comfortable body temperature while rushing between buildings and classes. To avoid over-heating, or freezing for multiple hours, I recommend bringing a light jacket or a cardigan. This article of clothing should be something you don’t mind carrying around in your arms, or shoving into your backpack. Personally, in the spring, I like to carry around a light denim jacket, or one of my favorite light gray cardigans. The reason I would choose light colors over dark is because light colors reflect the heat waves, while dark colors absorb them. You can even layer camisoles with thinner, more sheer pieces, and your cardigan or light jacket. As a commuter, I also keep extra tops and jackets in my car, in case it’s hotter, or colder than expected.  
  5. Water is your best friend: This is common knowledge, but water is a vital part of your diet and health. Like the Earth, your body is made up of 70%-80% of water. Water can help hydrate your skin, balance your blood pressure and help cool your body temperature from the inside out. I highly recommend carrying an insulated water bottle because it helps reduce the use of plastic, as well as keeps your water cold throughout the day. We are lucky enough that UNT has filtered water dispensers around campus, so we should use them to our advantage.

Overall, spring is a beautiful, yet yucky time in Texas. For the beautiful moments, spending time outside is a must; but, to avoid the unpleasant moments, it’s best to be prepared for anything.

With Love, Joslyn


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