I Did a Thing + Life Update

hello loves, and welcome back to M. A. N.~
i hope you’re doing well, during this time, and that you’re staying safe and healthy.

it has been about a month since i last uploaded a blog post, and i sincerely apologize. with everything that is going on, i needed time to adjust, and wanted to make sure that i was okay with the changes before getting back into the swing of posting on the regular.

if you haven’t noticed — i purchased my domain! after five years, i finally own my domain, and have access to many more features that WordPress provides. so, be on the look out for the changes that will be made! with that being said, i would appreciate if you remain patient with me as i finalize the schedule, design, mood, color scheme, etc.

in today’s post, i will be going into detail about the changes i would like to make with M. A. N., and i will also update you with everything that is currently going on in my life. this update will explain why i have been distant for the past month, and i hope that it will justify my sudden absence.

i think i want to start with all the changes i am going to make before i hit you with the update — in case some of you weren’t all that interested in that section.

for M. A. N., i upgraded my plan which includes my domain for the first year. with that being said, i really want to make the most out of it, and will work super hard to bring you weekly content. i am not sure if i will be able to have a set-in-stone schedule, but i will try. with my classes being online, it is eating up a lot of my time to learn and study; however, i think i will shoot for uploading on sundays.

i chose sunday because if i fall behind on anything, i will be able to make up for lost time on saturday and i will still be able to prepare for my monday lectures, exams, etc.

in terms of design, i would like to try and make the site cohesive with a color scheme and will limit my use of royalty-free images. if i do use such images, i will obviously still give credit to the photographer, but i may add handwritten text or doodles on top of the image.

the current color scheme that i am thinking of is:

however, i am very indecisive, and there may be some stray colors thrown in here-and there.

originally, M.A.N. was geared towards fashion, beauty, and lifestyle — however, as the years have gone by, i have mainly been posting lifestyle content. with the upgrade, i hope to feel inspired to create fashion and beauty content again — so please be on the look out!

with that being said, this portion of the post has concluded. if you would like to stick around for my life update, i will go into more detail about why i have made the decisions listed above. furthermore, i will give you insight about what my life has been like in the past month as a health care worker and a student. i will also discuss about what is to be expected in the next few months!

for those who are not joining me in the next portion, i hope you are all staying safe and positive! we are currently living through trying times, and it may seem never ending as we are adjusting day by day. however, there is light at the end of the tunnel. i encourage you to keep your sprits uplifted, and to alter your mindset for the better! if you haven’t already, i highly recommend journaling, and incorporating daily gratitudes — i believe this helped to improve my level of wellness.

this is a safe place, if you would like to discuss any of your own concerns, or just want to vent — i invite you to do so here!

all the best ❤︎
with love, joslyn


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Joslyn Pham

26 • Biology alumna • Lifestyle, travel, beauty, study / education blog • Aspire to Inspire "The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters." - Audrey Hepburn

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