I Did a Thing + Life Update

hello loves, and welcome to part two!
thank you so much for taking the time to join me for this life update.

the past month has been absolutely crazy — i don’t even know where to begin!
as a health care worker, and a student, life has been emotionally and mentally stressful. as many of you know, all of our classes have been switched to online, and it is absolutely dreadful. furthermore, the extended spring break has forced me to cram a lot of material for my practical and lecture exam, which i recently completed this past week.my boyfriend and i agree that it is more difficult to learn via online, and would prefer to be in class. we both think that learning and studying at home takes up a lot more time and effort — we just want to be back in the classroom.

he is currently a first year pharmacy student, so he is primarily inside all day. however, i am still working as a technician at a clinic, but my hours have been significantly reduced. i am thankful that i am still getting paid, however, the situation at work is far from perfect. many therapists have expressed their concerns, and it has all fallen on deaf ears — which is really frustrating.

we have started wearing masks at work, checking temperatures of all staff members, and have been increasing the frequency of our cleaning, which makes me feel better. but, i am still seeing patients who are somewhat disregarding the situation and the precautions — that is what makes me nervous. as soon as i get home from work, i immediately strip my clothes, and wash my hands. on my long days, i immediately jump in the shower.

so far, everyone is healthy and well, and we are managing the situation as best as we can.
i am thankful that i am living with my boyfriend, as we provide each other with daily human interaction. he has been a blessing for me, even well-before this outbreak.

if you would like me to further discuss my opinions on the current global situation, i would be more than happy to make a separate post. however, i understand that this is a sensitive topic for everyone, and i understand that it’s tiring to be constantly discussing the current situation 24/7. so it is up to you, as the viewer! if you have any specific questions about it, feel free to shoot me a comment or private message!

although i have more “free-time,” to do what i want, i have chosen to keep my posting schedule to just sunday due to the fact that i am currently self-teaching myself anatomy & physiology. this information is extensive, regardless of the fact that i have taken this course previously. it is also very important that i maintain my A in this course, as it can dictate the outcome of my upcoming application season.

i should be able to maintain this schedule, seeing as when i first began M. A. N. in 2015, i was posting once to twice a week, with a full school schedule, and working part time. to be honest, i have no idea how i was maintaining that schedule, even though it was for a short period of time.

in the near future, i will be starting my second round of classes, and will be taking anatomy & physiology II. my school schedule and work schedule is bound to change, but we shall see depending on whether classes will proceed with online or not. furthermore, my boyfriend and i will be moving to a new complex in the next month or so. regardless, i will be maintaining my upload schedule to sundays!

if i do get the chance to upload more than once a week, i will take the opportunity to do so.

i believe that this summary was fairly concise, and the venting was kept to a minimum — i am fairly proud of myself right now. again, if you would like for me to whole heartedly express my opinions on the matter, and or share some story times, i have no problems! i may even just do a live stream and just get it done and out of the way, without it polluting my blog, or other platforms.

i am currently trying to improve my presence on social media, so if you would like to be on top of my updates, feel free to follow me on twitter @myauthnature!

with that being said, i am going to sign off for today, and get some other work done. my apartment is in need of its weekly deep clean, and i am just stalling at this point.

again, i hope y’all are staying safe, and playing smart. we will get through this together, so long as we work together. you are strong, brave, and capable of getting through this!

until next time ❤︎
with love, joslyn


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