#072221: Update + Empty Apartment Tour

2021 has thrown us so many curve balls, and i am exhausted from it all.
anyways, hello loves!

i know it has been a while since i last posted on this platform, but know that i have been fairly absent from my social media presence.
in my last update, i had been very enthusiastic in terms of getting my brand cleaned up and functional again. however, many things have happened since my last update….

in today’s post, i will be going into more detail about what’s been happening, and i also wanted to share a vlog i had been working on for a while. the vlog will briefly mention the events that occurred after our initial move, but i will go into more detail below.

so, in my last update post i had mentioned that we were moving to a different part of the DFW metroplex. we officially left fort worth at the end of may and moved into our new apartment. the goal was to stay at this location for at least two years due to the fact that we will be busy with graduate school in the next couple of years. also, moving is not enjoyable for us.

within two weeks, we started to acclimate in our new area and we were pretty much done with unboxing, cleaning, and organizing.

sadly, that was the extent of our stay at this apartment complex…

our apartment had severely flooded, causing us to vacate our home for over a month. i plan to go into full detail with all the evidence and proof in a story time video. i just need a little bit more time to organize my thoughts and concisely recount the events as they occurred.

long story short, we lived on the first floor of a three story building. the complex was older but had been renovated over the years and we were quite fond of the property and of our unit. apparently, our upstairs neighbor’s kitchen was located above our bedroom — which i believe is a terrible idea — and a pipe underneath their sink busted sometime in the middle of the night. i woke up at around 4:50am to what sounded like hard rain. however, i realized that we should not be experiencing such hard rain because of our covered patio and floor plan.

we quickly realized that something was wrong, and it turned out that water was leaking through our ceiling fan…

it took us over two hours to wake and enter our neighbor’s apartment and turn off the water source and another two hours for all the water to pour out of their home and into ours. afterwards, we were originally wanting to wait until the complex made the repairs to our home before moving back in. however, we realized that things were neither being handled seriously nor appropriately.

so, we had to take matters into our own hands and take the proper steps to be released from our lease without penalty or fine — and you can bet that there was even more drama with that!

᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠃

here is a week in my life, prepping for the move earlier this year. within this vlog is an empty apartment tour! here, you can see the floorplan of our home, and it will give you a better picture as to how the flooding might’ve impacted us. again, i will later share all the details with picture and video evidence.

᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠃

anyways, in regards to our disaster story, i think that is all i will discuss for today.

on the bright side, we finally were able to move into a new unit at a new apartment complex! so, i am planning to keep my promise at being more active on M.A.N. and my other social media platforms. in terms of Peachy Pal Studios, i am not sure i will be able to open shop at this time. a lot of my funds for this project was used to replace some of our big furniture pieces that got damaged in the flood. regardless, i do plan to try and keep posting on peachy pal studio’s instagram account because it will be a place for me to track my progress and learning!

as always, i appreciate all of your time and patience. i know i have not been the best over the years, but i hope to change that very soon!
a lot of other projects are in the works, and i am excited to share them with you!

until next time~

with love, joslyn

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


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