#050223: One Yr Update

Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

i cannot believe that it has been almost a year since my last blog post… time really flies when you’re completely overwhelmed by school and life 🙂

in the moment, it feels like not much has changed since our last conversation; however, when i reflect and really think about it — so much has changed yet a lot has stayed the same. in this update, i am going to just give the highlights of what has happened in the last year or so. as always, i will also let you know what is to come and what all i have planned for the rest of 2023.

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  1. we have a puppy!
    • i feel like this is probably the biggest and one of the best updates that i can give… we have a puppy! as of today, she is 17 weeks / 5 months old. she is a corgi x toy aussie mix and her name is winnie ♡ my boyfriend and i absolutely adore her and she can help make our crazy days a little bit more bearable.
      ig: @winnie.pooh.adventures
      ps. she’s super cute but a hot mess
  2. i just completed my first clinical rotation
    • this was probably the most anxious that i have been in a long time. my first rotation was only 6 wks long but there were so many factors that made this experience extremely overwhelming. long story short, i did not receive the guidance or supervision that i was anticipating. it was definitely a sink or swim moment and i just did what i felt was the most “correct”. i personally did not align with my clinical instructors treatment style and felt like he was not fully answering my questions and could not provide me with much detail in terms of his clinical judgment. im extremely thankful for all of my previous opportunities and experience as a technician because that’s basically what helped me stay afloat. overall, i would not recommend my program sending anymore students to this clinical site.
  3. friendships are hard
    • i am unsure if it is just me, but i have always struggled with maintaining long-term friendships. dare i say, keeping a healthy friendship is a lot more challenging than a romantic relationship — just based off my experience. i feel like i have always been the most emotional about my friendships and have felt like im not adequate enough to have friends. however, as i have gotten older and have become more comfortable with my introverted side, i realize that some people are only meant to be in your life for a season.
    • i just experience my emotions more than others and i am notorious for giving 100% to those who i would like to have long-term relationships with. but, time and time again, i realize that friendships are a two way street. if it is not meant to be, we shouldnt force ourselves to continuously give ourselves up.
    • overall, i am okay with not having a large friend group. it is okay to have people in our lives that are just platonic — not everyone is meant to be your best friend. those that are meant to be closest to you are there for a reason. they just get you without needing much explanation.
  4. learning to prioritize myself
    • this.
    • if i have learned anything in the last year, there is nothing more important than fulfilling your own personal needs and goals. no matter how hard you try, you cannot be the one who cares more about someone else’s success or dreams. you can be there to help facilitate things but you cannot be the one to captain someone’s ship. first and foremost, you must captain your own ship and all the things that help keep it afloat. — this is still challenging for me as i feel like i am just being selfish. however, i am really tired of being a people pleaser. if i am not happy providing my services to others, then i just need to let it go. one of my 2023 resolutions is to prioritize myself. this year is my selfish era.
    • just because you prioritize yourself does not mean you are not nice or kind or giving. it just means that you are much nicer and kinder to yourself than you have been in… well, ever.
  5. physical therapy school is coming to a close
    • as crazy as it may seem, i am due to graduate april 2024 — which is basically around the corner. it is kind of scary to think about, but i am ready for my real adult life to begin. this summer term will be my last didactic / in-person one. afterwards, we are scheduled for a 12 wk rotation, winter break, our last 12 wk rotation, and then graduation + boards.
    • i feel like i just started, but it’s already been 2+ years (almost 3). for how long it took me to get into school, actually going through it has been full of surprises and many many learning experiences. there is so much i want to disclose upfront, but i need to reflect on everything and reorganize my thoughts before i can really say anything — i want to make sure that i am not just being overly emotional about anything because that can change/skew my perspective, thus affecting your perspective.

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i could go on multiple tangents with these topics, and maybe i will in the future. but for now, we will leave it be.

currently, i am either confirmed or pending placement for the remainder of my clinical rotations — and it looks like i will be able to stay in town for these experiences. i am ecstatic about this because i was the most concerned about the location of my rotations as i did not want to have additional expenses in terms of living expenses. plus, now that we have winnie, i want to be at home with her and colin 100% of the time now.

in terms of the blog and my other platforms, this means that i am going to try harder to keep up with everything. i have been recording here and there on my iphone and am currently exporting a lot of footage to try and compile a vlog. i would really like to hone in on my introverted and homebody side and be productive with these passion projects and hobbies. it is one of my biggest regrets for not maintaining anything throughout the years.

i feel like i have so much to say, but am always unsure if it is productive or helpful. however, i need to just follow through with these projects and just see what happens. i would be more than happy to welcome anyone to my little corner of the internet if they would like to join me ♡

but, before i can invite anyone over, i need to dust the cobwebs and do some cleaning and reorganizing. so, i will do just that! im starting to learn that others’ opinions of myself are important (to a certain degree) but its not everything. again, i am entering my selfish era and im just gonna say eff it all and do things that bring me joy ♡ so, i hope you will check in every now and then and say hi — hopefully, i will be able to provide a little more substance to the blog and to my other platforms.

until then, i hope you have a good day/night and remember to enjoy the little things in life~

With love, Joslyn

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