2016 New Year’s Resolutions: What I Plan to Improve

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Image by Angelina Livitvin (https://unsplash.com/linalitvina)

Happy New Year’s Eve loves!! It’s that time of year where we start reflecting over the past 12 months, and start preparing for the new year! Here is a list of 5 things I plan to do/ improve in the upcoming year!

  1. Be Healthy and Fit:
    I say this every single year. Does it end up working out? More or less. This upcoming year I am turning 20 (yikes! I’m not ready for adulting), and I plan to improve my life choices, starting with my body. I plan to go to the gym more often, being more consistent, as well as eating healthier! This year I am finally going to get toned. 
  2. Vlog More: 
    For some of you who don’t know. I have a YouTube channel, and was working on trying to be more active on that before switching to the bloggers side. The thing is, I still vlog! But, here’s the catch. I always forget to edit and upload them (oops!) So, be prepared for more vlogs in 2016!
  3. Improving My Authentic Nature: 
    100% need to do this more. I really enjoy blogging and plan to make this a life-long hobby for right now. Even though I am only part-time I am serious about it full time. Hopefully, sometime this year, I will be able to obtain my own domain, create more high quality posts, improve in photography, and just do everything. Overall, I just want to improve as the new year progresses. 
  4. Clean Up: 
    I am at the age where maintaining everything is a must. I always have to keep cleaning because I always stop half way every time. This year, I am going to just clean up everything: from my closet, to my desk, to my room, and even my computer! I have to prove that I can take care of myself (more adulting).
  5. Be More Socially Active: 
    This pertains to both human interaction and all my social media accounts. I have a habit of just focusing on one social media platform at a time, when really, I need to be on top of all of them at the same time! This includes: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Polyvore, etc. Not to mention, I need to do a lot of volunteer services and join some clubs in this next year!.

There you have it! My 5 resolutions for 2016. I do intend to try and keep all five of them in 2016, and I really would love for all of us to experience the journey together — through thick and thin! We are family now, which means no one gets left behind~

Until Next Time xoxo 




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